World of Warcraft Vanity Pets

Anyone who plays WoW knows that companion pets can cost a lot of gold to buy or take a lot of time to earn. Some people could care less how many pets they have, while others feel deep within their heart that they must collect as many as possible, earn all pet related achievements, and eagerly await the next expansion for even more pets. Regardless of which category you might fall under, below is a list of the pets you’ll find worth your effort, plus the ones that aren’t worth a copper of your time.
Top Five Worthless Pets

Little Fawn
This pet is an achievement reward for acquiring 75 different companion pets. This takes an extreme amount of dedication, time, and money to earn. I am sorry to say that you will be very disappointed upon receiving your fawn, as the little guy is quite anti-climactic. It simply follows you around like the pets you earn at level 1. For all that hard work my fawn better sing, dance the tango, and laugh maniacally as it says “Beat this Bambi!” It doesn’t.

Hyacinth Macaw
An extremely rare bird, this pet can be bought off the auction house for all the gold you have (usually over 8k) or be looted (a very unlikely scenario). It looks like the parrots and cockatiels that cost 5g. My advice save your money and by a cooler pet if you really want to spend that much on a companion. Also, if you happen to be one of the few people that get the pet off a drop, sell it! I repeat do NOT learn it! You could earn 8k+ gold off the auction house easily.

Father Winter’s Helper/ Winter’s Little Helper
These are the two creepiest pets in the game. Ask yourself if you really want some mini-gnome (yes they are even smaller than the average gnome) staring at your ankles as it follows you around in a Christmas outfit. Enough said.

Argent Squire/Argent Gruntling
These two pets, one for Alliance and one for Horde, are close runners up to the gnome helper pets above. They are gangly, pretween, pimply faced boys who follow you around with a flag. Don’t let him become your stalker!

Westfall Chicken
This pet is a reward from a quest. In a nutshell you end up spending too much of your time clucking at a chicken. Even with a /chicken macro, you will be flapping your arms and clucking about for a while before you get the chicken to give you the egg to learn this pet. Plus, out of all the other available pets, are you really ever going to have that chicken out? Nope.

Top Five Worthwhile Pets

Teldrassil Sproutling Tree
Not only do you get to have a mini-tree that looks exactly like druid healers follow you around, you get to watch him fall asleep when you’ve worn him out or dance the twist when he wants to celebrate. Plus, it’s fairly easy to get; he can be bought at the Argent Tournament Grounds with Champion’s Seals or bought off the Auction House for around 500-800 gold depending on the server (even Hordies can get him off the neutral AH).

Lil XT
This pet is modeled after XT in Ulduar. If you’ve fought this boss, you know he likes to do aerobic stretches, pound his fists on the ground, and whine “No No No No!!” Well if you find those qualities funny, you’re in luck. This pet does those things too!

Elwynn Lamb
Another Argent Tournament Ground pet, this lamb gets killed by a wolf every so often and dies. Its funny to watch your raid ask “What the heck was that?!?” when a wolf suddenly appears, runs past them, and slashes your poor little lamb to pieces. Don’t worry, your lamb can be brought right back out to start the whole circle of life over again.

Core Hound Pup
This pet comes “free” when you buy an authenticator from Blizzard. Considering the authenticator helps keep your account secure, while only costing six bucks, why not get this pet while you’re at it? He does a lot of entertaining things too: rolls over, digs up a bone, and fights with his other head for possession of said bone.

Giant Sewer Rat
This one takes a little bit of time to fish out of the Dalaran sewers, but considering there is a daily fishing quest there too and an opportunity to simultaneously max your fishing, you should be down there anyway. Some people have better luck fishing up the rat than others, but eventually you should get him (especially if you attach a fishing lure).

So, next time you think about which pet to buy or spend countless hours pursuing, remember this guide before you decide which one to set your mind to; it might save you your sanity!

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