World of Warcraft: Cataclysm First Aid Crafting – Heavy Mageweave Bandage

This guide covers the Heavy Mageweave Bandage craftable item from the First Aid secondary profession in the mmorpg World of Warcraft, reflecting any and all changes made with the release of Cataclysm and the shattering of Azeroth (patch 4.0.3). You can see additional pictures of this item and recipe by clicking the numbers by the thumbnail above.
Heavy Mageweave Bandage is the upgrade to the Mageweave Bandage healing item, becoming useable at First Aid 175 and craftable at 240. It is important to find a place where you can avoid damage before applying a bandage, as taking damage will interrupt the healing done, while still leaving the one minute debuff preventing further bandaging. If it’s a close battle however, and only a few hp may make the difference, it might be worth using one even for a single tick of healing in some cases.

World of Warcraft First Aid Crafted Items: Heavy Mageweave Bandage
Requires First Aid (175) to use; Item Quality Normal (White)
Item level 1; Sell to vendor price: 8 Silver, 0 Copper
Average auction house buyout price: 6 Silver 25 Copper
Use: Heals 1104 damage over 8 seconds. (138 Health restored per second)
Item ID: 8545, First seen in WoW version 1.11.1

World of Warcraft First Aid Recipe: Heavy Mageweave Bandage
This recipe is taught by any of the First Aid trainers in the game for 1 Gold.
Requires First Aid (240) to craft, Crafting time: 1.5 seconds
Recipe reagents: Mageweave Cloth (x2)
Spell ID: 10841

Chance to gain skill points by crafting (this chance scales -1.6% for each level past 240)
Skill Level 240: 100% chance to gain a skill point. Skill Lvl 250: 83.3%, Skill Lvl 260: 66.6%, Skill Lvl 270: 50%, Skill Lvl 280: 33.3%, Skill Lvl 290: 16.6%, Skill Lvl 300: 0%

The average cost of the 2 Mageweave Cloth to make this item is 86 Silver, 68 Copper when purchased through the auction house. With the vendor sell to price for Heavy Mageweave Bandage of 8 Silver, 0 Copper, this means making you can expect to spend or lose around 78 Silver, 68 Copper for each item made. It is not worth selling this on the auction house as the average buyout price is lower than the vendor sell price, especially including the deposit required. Typically most First Aid items do not sell well in the auction house, however they are always appreciated when used appropriately on allies in battlegrounds.

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