OSRS Darkness of Hallowvale Quest Guide


Since the fight with the Vampyre overlord, Drakan, the Myreque’s base camp has been moved to Burgh de Rott. Veliaf is now in need of assistance from someone to get into the Sanguinesti region, which is on the eastern side of Morytania, and the region is entirely cut off from the western behind by an impenetrable wall. Do you think you have what it takes to accomplish this task? If the answer is yes, then we are here to help you through the entire quest.

Quest Requirements

To being this quest, you will need to first complete the following quests; In Aid of the Myreque, In Search of the Myreque, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, and The Restless Ghost. There are also specific skill levels that you need in order to progress further in the quest: 5 Construction, 20 Mining, 22 Thieving, 26 Agility, 32 Crafting, 33 Magic, and 40 Strength. Other than that, your inventory should consist of 8 Nails, 2 Planks, Hammer, Pickaxe, Knife, and Runes for Telekinetic Grab (Air Rune x1 and Law Rune x1).

You can also bring along a few items that can help you move around easily from one to another during the quest. These items can be anything from Energy or Stamina potions to restore your run energy to Teleportation tablets and pieces of jewelry that can help you to reach various locations, without much of a stretch.

How to begin?

You can start the quest by speaking to Veliaf Hurtz, who is located in the basement of the Burgh de Rott pub. You need to approach him by asking how you can be of his assistance, which is before you get to the ‘How do I get into the Sanguinesti region’ part. He will ask you to speak to the Myreque, who is located in Meiyerditch. Head southeast now to locate a hut that has a boat inside. This boat will require repairs, so use a plank and 4 nails to do the needful. Next, push the boat into the water and jump onto it to sail to Meiyerditch.


Once you’re there, head northwest towards the pier and kick the floor to climb down. Speak to one of the citizens in the area before proceeding further, as they will direct you to the Old Man Ral. However, you will need to speak to them twice, so that the second that you can state that you were recommended by a friend to contact him.

You will be able to locate the Old Man northeast from where you stand (the area where you first entered Meiyerditch). Tell him that someone said he could help you out, and when he asks what people call him, answer with ‘Sage of Sanguinesti’. Once you do that, he will ask you to head towards the 3rd sector of the city. However, you will need to follow a number of sickle logo courses first.

Sector 1 (Sickle Logo Course)

Head southwest from the Old Man and locate a house that is facing the north direction. Once you do, you will notice that there is a sickle on the outside wall, and from there you will have to climb up the ladder, jump to the south floorboards, and then east to the other floorboards. Finally, get inside by climbing the top-right corner of the room. Now, you will need to push the wall and walk across the gaps and then head to the top wall. From there, crawl under it and heath north to reach the second room. Towards the west wall, you will see another wall, so push it and head across, and then down the ladder.

You will now see a table on the west, so search it to open the trapdoor, which will then take you to a tunnel. Climb the shelf next to the sickle that you find and head east to climb under another wall. Keeping progressing further in the same direction and jump to the floorboards. Once you spot a ladder, climb down and search the pots lying around to the east. You will receive a key from them, which will take you to the 2nd sector.

Sector 2 (Sickle Logo Course)

Head east again, and then up the ladder to jump on the floorboards to your south. Once you do, climb down the ladder, then head east, and then climb down another ladder to head in the north direction of the room. You will now find a wall that you can push here, so walk across and go up the self that is to your north, and then climb down from the northeast shelf.

It’s time to leap the northern floorboards, so do that and jump to the next set that is on your north. From the northern end, jump to the eastern floorboards, where you will come across a broken ladder that requires fixing. Now climb onto the other ladder and search the west wall to get a ladder top, and then head back to the broken ladder to fix it. Finally, head down to reach the 3rd sector.

Sector 3 (Sickle Logo Course)

Once you head through the door, go north and then around the first house that you come in contact with. Keep heading in the same direction and right into a house, where you will find an unlit fireplace. You can pick up a knife from up the ladder if you don’t already have one. Head west now, until you notice barricades lying around, and from there change your direction to east. You will notice the sickle logo again, and from that point onwards you need to enter the southern house.

Head up the ladder upon entering and jump across the eastern floorboards, right before you climb down the stairs. Once you’re down from the right side of the stairs, check the wall and use your knife or sickle to open a latch. Push the northern decorated wall to come across the final part of the final sector, and do remember that you need to be quick here. Open the lumpy rug that is to the southeast (should be done fast, or else you will have to push the wall again). Once you do that, go through the trap door that opens and you will reach the hideout.

Burgh de Rott

There will be a room to the north, go there and speak to Vertida Selfalatis to let him that you wish to speak to Myreque. You will be asked to take a message back to Burgh de Root (Veliaf Hurtz), so head back whichever way you prefer and give it to him in the pub’s basement. He will then ask you to speak to Drezel, who is located in the Paterdomus’ Temple of the Slave. You can use the Canifis Fairy Ring for a quick route to reach there.

The Temple of the Salve

Once you’ve reached the temple, speak to Drezel and he will tell you that there are some strange noises coming from the outside of the temple. So, go up the ladder to leave the temple and head towards the west (past the Temple of Saradomin). Now, search one of the bushes there to trigger a cutscene, after which, you will be knocked out. By the time you wake up, the Werewolves will have made their way across the River Salve. You need to now go back and speak to Drezel again.

Tell him everything that you have witnessed and he will direct you to King Roald for the osrs darkness of hallowvale quest. The quickest way would be by using a Varrock Teleport and heading into the palace to speak with him. Once the conversation with the king is over, head back to Drezel and then Veliaf Hurtz again. After that, go back to Meiyerditch to speak to Vertida Sefalatis. There are alternate ways that you can use to reach Vertida, and you can find one suitable to you by visiting the official wiki website.

Drakan’s Castle

Vertida will task you to scout out Castle Drakan and then escort you to the starting point of the sickle maze building, which is where you ask him what to do and then accept his offer once he answers. From there, head down the ladder and exit through the door. Keep going south over the rubble wall, and then south again to climb up. Go north now and go down the ladder, and then inspect the rocky surface.

From this point in the darkness of hallowvale osrs quest, head north through the barricade and then up the ladder. Stick to the north wall, then down the ladder to reach the castle wall that you will have to climb. At the very end, you will come across Safalaan, so speak to him and make sure that you have four free inventory spaces. After that, head west clockwise till you notice a sickle logo, and then use the Papyrus on the Charcoal. Now do the same on the sickles to your west and south to trigger a cutscene where you get knocked out again by Vanstrom.

Now, head back and speak to Sarius, who will give you a good idea of where the hidden lab is located. Once your quest log states that you have each one of the castle sketches, you can make your way to Safalaan.

The Hidden Lab

Head back to the Myreque base, and before entering the base, go to the fireplace building and use a knife on the ground floor fireplace to receive a message in the osrs darkness of hallowvale quest. Now, use the knife on a nearby portrait to obtain a Large Ornate Key. This key needs to be taken to Vertida, who will be with Safalaan and hand over the message, along with the three sketches to Safalaan.

Leave the base and head upstairs to jump the gaps and climb down the ladder. Go north towards the mine from there until you notice a tapestry. Using your knife, cut it and go through to use the obtained key on the statue. After that, go down the stairs to grab the Haemalchemy book with the help of the Telekinetic Grab spell. You will need to give the book to Safalaan, so go back to the base and do what is required. Finally, head back to Veliaf Hurtz, with a sealed message received from Safalaan to complete the Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS quest.

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Runescape: The Pit Review

Agility is most definitely one of the most unpopular skills in Runescape. This is for good reason considering that the skill is held back by boring courses that offer no real variety. The Pit Distraction amp; Diversion is designed to encourage more players to train their Agility levels by completing courses to catch the eye of a talent scout who now oversees every course. So what exactly does this talent scout have in store for you?
As I said earlier, Agility is not a very popular skill when it comes to the Runescape community. However, this new Distraction was made to make things a little more interesting. After completing one of the many agility courses around Runescape, a talent scout will eventually give you his attention so that he could take you to, you guessed it, The Pit. I should note that it’s gonna take you a while to get his attention so sit back and watch your Agility experience go up a little bit. However, if you’re wearing an Agility skillcape, you can just go up to the scout and he’ll let you right in but your reward will be smaller. Here, you will be greeted by two men and a different type of agility course. This different type of agility course is called an event and there are currently six of them. The events range from guessing numbers to punching sheep. It sounds ridiculous but it’s pretty fun and you gain a good amount of experience. If you fail to properly execute an event, the amount of experience you gain will be lower. Fair enough. If you successfully complete an event, you will be given the option to gamble your experience for more or just leave and accept your reward. It’s a nice little addition to spice things up. It should also be known that you must wait at least an hour to be called up for another event. It’s a good idea since these events have the possibility of getting really repetitive. Who would want to replay the same event over three times within an hour?


  • Agility finally gets some love.
  • The events can be really fun.


  • There are only six events.

Overall Thoughts and Rating:
I’m sure people are going to look at The Pit as a glorified random event. However, take into consideration what an unpopular skill Agility is, I’ll let it slide. Better yet, I’ll just welcome this new little addition with open arms.
Rating: 4/5

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