Runescape: The Pit Review

Agility is most definitely one of the most unpopular skills in Runescape. This is for good reason considering that the skill is held back by boring courses that offer no real variety. The Pit Distraction amp; Diversion is designed to encourage more players to train their Agility levels by completing courses to catch the eye of a talent scout who now oversees every course. So what exactly does this talent scout have in store for you?
As I said earlier, Agility is not a very popular skill when it comes to the Runescape community. However, this new Distraction was made to make things a little more interesting. After completing one of the many agility courses around Runescape, a talent scout will eventually give you his attention so that he could take you to, you guessed it, The Pit. I should note that it’s gonna take you a while to get his attention so sit back and watch your Agility experience go up a little bit. However, if you’re wearing an Agility skillcape, you can just go up to the scout and he’ll let you right in but your reward will be smaller. Here, you will be greeted by two men and a different type of agility course. This different type of agility course is called an event and there are currently six of them. The events range from guessing numbers to punching sheep. It sounds ridiculous but it’s pretty fun and you gain a good amount of experience. If you fail to properly execute an event, the amount of experience you gain will be lower. Fair enough. If you successfully complete an event, you will be given the option to gamble your experience for more or just leave and accept your reward. It’s a nice little addition to spice things up. It should also be known that you must wait at least an hour to be called up for another event. It’s a good idea since these events have the possibility of getting really repetitive. Who would want to replay the same event over three times within an hour?


  • Agility finally gets some love.
  • The events can be really fun.


  • There are only six events.

Overall Thoughts and Rating:
I’m sure people are going to look at The Pit as a glorified random event. However, take into consideration what an unpopular skill Agility is, I’ll let it slide. Better yet, I’ll just welcome this new little addition with open arms.
Rating: 4/5

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