The Daring Dachshund: Unity Super Report

Birth Name: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA
Occupation: Independent Hero
Estimated Power Levels:
Strength: 6
Intellect: ?
Speed: 3
Defense: 5
Versatility: 6
Popularity: 64%

Powers: The Daring Dachshund has enhanced strength, durability, and the power of flight. His control of the flight power is extremely erratic and he has had frequent collisions with the local environment while flying. He also makes use of an ability called “The Magnificent Yap” in which he creates a wave of blast damage from the sonic boom of his bark. Due to the property destruction and general havoc this ability causes, the Daring Dachshund uses it infrequently.

Background: The Daring Dachshund is one of the small numbers of meta-animals produced by the Genesis events. Unlike such individuals as The April Rabbit or Dolphinius Rex his intellect was not enhanced. Therefore his actions frequently seemed to be bizarre and dangerous, at least before his association with the Milkmen.

The Daring Dachshund first appeared on the US crime-stopping scene in January 2006 during a burglary at a Seattle convenience store. He interrupted the escape of the thieves by eating large portions of their vehicle. Later that night he intervened in a conflict of opposing street gangs by giving all the criminals a severe shaking by the scruff of the neck. He also rescued a kitten from a tree, put out a apartment fire, and managed to accidentally foil a counterfeiting ring by crashing into the building on a mistimed flight.

While first hailed as a public hero later events were to spoil the initial effect. Some weeks later, when the Daring Dachshund encountered the bank robbers while they were playing basketball, (they having been released on bail) he ate their basketball and chased them up nearby trees. He later solved a traffic jam by placing several cars on nearby rooftops. The police were ordered to stop the “dangerous animal” but failed miserably with the only result being that the Daring Dachshund began dropping old tires on police headquarters.

In their desperation over the situation, (the Dachshund had begun burying dumped trash in embarrassing places, such as an abandoned mobile home in the mayor’s flower garden), the city officials put forth a public call for metahuman heroes to solve the problem. The only heroes that responded were the Milkmen, which was then composed of the Milk Man and Dr. Feelgood.

The resulting conflict damaged several acres of a public park and resulted not in the apprehension of the well intentioned canine, but in his joining The Milkmen, (who then changed their names to The Furry Friends). With the directing influence of the other heroes in the group, the Daring Dachshund has become much more acceptable to society and the Milkmen made amends to the people who had been inconvenienced by his earlier actions.

Note: The main concern Unity has with the Daring Dachshund is his association with the Furry Friends and the Milkman in particular. It is believed by Unity researchers that the Milkman possesses an IDT device and that he might even be an ID transport himself. This makes him, and by extension the Furry Friends, a target of such groups as The Outer Light, the Oblivionists, and various satanic cults. Attempts to make contact with the Furry Friends has been difficult given both their tendency to travel randomly and because they operate primarily in UCTO territories.

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